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Feb 142012
Rocket French Reviewed The Rocket French course was written by Marie-Claire Rivière, who is a native French speaker from France. Rocket Languages has a solid reputation when it comes to producing high quality language courses. This is Rocket French Reviewed.

Read about Rocket French and it’s Features
Rocket French Reviewed
Rocket French Rocket French is built assuming you have no prior knowledge on how to speak French . Very user friendly program that leaves no doubt on where you go to next but in case you do need help with anything. I found the Rocket French Members Forum immediately useful if you don’t understand something you can find fellow learners just like you, native speakers, French teachers and the creators of Rocket French to help you out whenever you need it.

The program is for beginners and intermediate learners that allows you to “listen, read, and speak” French in 31 high quality audio lessons from a native French speaker(in this case Marie-Claire Rivière) that come complete with transcripts so you can easily follow along with the audio.

31 Culture Lessons are included in Rocket French because they believe learning the culture increases your interest and desire to keep learning more. I found theses very fun to go through.

The MegaFrench software game helps you to build up and improve your recognition of French words and phrases that you can and will use in everyday conversation. The conversation is not stilted, or old fashioned, or too formal for you to use it. The dialogue tends to use vocabulary that you genuinely want to learn, that will be useful and that will help you to converse fluently and easily in an French speaking country, or with French speakers.

This course also understands that repeating each word several times is needed so you can get used to the words.

I found this software to be a lot of fun to use. It’s one thing to learn the vocabulary, but as my friend said, to understand it when spoken is really what is important.

Rocket French is so confident in their software that have a 60 day money back guarantee. Just shows this is a company that has nothing to hide. It even has a free 6 day trial when you can try it out before committing any money to it.

I would recommend Rocket French for solid teaching style and content, and low low cost that won’t break your bank like other language learning programs on the market.

Rocket French
Overall Rating = Rocket French Rating
Feb 142012
Reasons to Learn French

Why Learn French – Ten Reasons to Learn French

You probably already have your own reasons to learn French but in case you don’t have one already or still looking for more reasons to get motivated to learn French. This article should help you answer the question “why learn French?”
Reasons to Learn French 1: French is one of the most important languages in the world
French is an international language spoken by over three-hundred million on five different continents. French is the official language of many of the international organizations like United Nations, NATO, the European Union, UNESCO, and many more. French is also the third most used language on the internet after English and German.
Reasons to Learn French 2: Tourism is Huge in France And Other French Countries
France alone attracts over seventy million visitors a year but that doesn’t include other places that speak French like the Caribbean, Europe, and parts of Africa. Paris was recently named by Fortune Magazine as one of the top ten global cities. Overall, France is the second most visited tourist location in the world and knowing a little bit of French will make your travel experience that much better.
Reasons to Learn French 3: Easier to Understand International Sporting Events
French is always an official language used to announce events, winners, and medals at the Olympic Games. In Canada you can also follow hockey and baseball games in French. Automobile races (Le Mans and Monte Carlo), horse racing (Longchamps), tennis tournaments (French Open), and the Tour de France engage fans around the globe. When you know French, the international world of sports is open to you.
Reasons to Learn French 4: French is One of the Most Romantic Languages Worldwide
French is considered by many to be one of the most romantic languages in the world with it’s beautiful, rich, melodious rhythm of sounds.
Reasons to Learn French 5: Learning French for International Business
Knowledge in a second language increases your potential business opportunities cause businesses planning to break into international markets should understanding that communicating in your target demographic native languages increases confidence and builds trust among both parties.
Reasons to Learn French 6: There are Scholarship Opportunities for French Studies
Because of the higher demand for people speaking French, many of the world’s governments and agencies have been offering scholarships and other opportunities for individuals who are interested in French studies and learning French.
Reasons to Learn French 7: Many of the World’s Greatest literary masterpieces Are in French
People around the world are familiar with Les Miserables, The Three Musketeers, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, The Little Prince, and The Stranger. In fact, France has won more Nobel Prizes for literature than any other country. The French are also admired for their great philosophers, such as Descartes and Pascal, Rousseau, Voltaire, Camus and Satre. When you read French, you can enjoy these works and authors in the original.
Reasons to Learn French 8: Wanting to Learn More About French Culture
French is the language of culture opening your door to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, and cinema. As you quickly realize when you look at the foreign film section of your local video store, France is one of the most prolific producers of international films. The Cannes International Film Festival annually attracts the attention of the world when the best films, directors and actors are named. When you understand French you don’t need to rely on subtitles to enjoy a French film.
Reasons to Learn French 9: Learning French from English is very Easy
Believe it or not but over 40 to 50% of English vocabulary comes from the French Language. In fact, French has the most words spread out over many different languages. Learning French can even help you understand your own language better! French is also a good language to learn if you plan to learn other romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian.
Reasons to Learn French 10: Learn French as a Hobby/Love of Learning Languages
Maybe you are just one of those people that just enjoy learning languages for the fun of it! Once you’ve mastered the urge to learn more becomes pretty strong. Contrary to popular opinion, not much confusion happens between languages.

French is truly an amazing language to learn. I hope you find this article helpful in narrowing and strengthening your reasons to learn French.

Interested in further study into French or confused on where to start? I recommend reading our French Beginners Guide or check out the Importance of Languages Store!

Feb 122012

French Dialect Map

Different French Dialects around the world

There are many different French Dialects spoken all over the world. Although the differences are not that huge with the only differences being in pronunciation of words and vocabulary. Some words or phrases that exist in one dialect may exist or be absent from a different dialect.

Francien after centuries has replaced many of the regional dialect around France has the primary French Dialect. Other minor French dialect are found in other parts of Europe.

French Dialects

European French Dialects
Francien is the official standard for modern day French and it replaced several regional dialects of French previously spoken in Northern and Central France. These dialects were formerly referred to as the so-called Langue d’Oïl.
Belgium French – Minor French dialect found in Belgium.
Italian French – Minor French dialect found in Italy
Luxembourg French – Minor French dialect found in Luxembourg
Switzerland French – Minor French dialect found in Switzerland
The Channel Islands – Minor French Dialect found in the Channel Islands.

Canadian French Dialects
Quebec French – The standard French dialect spoken in Canada.
Acadian French – Dialect originally brought over by the French.
Newfoundland French – A minor dialect of Canadian French that is disappearing.
Métis French

United States French Dialects
Cajun French – Dialect of French spoken in the United State of Louisiana

African French Dialects
There are more than 20 French-speaking countries in Africa. As of 2006 it was estimated that there were 115 million French speakers in Africa using French either as a first or second language

The French dialect spoken by Africans in Western, Central, and East Africa

The French dialect spoken by the Arabs and Berbers in Northwest Africa

The French spoken by Creoles in the Indian Ocean (Réunion, Mauritius, and Seychelles)

Asian French Dialects
Vietnamese French is spoken in Vietnam
Cambodian French is the French of Cambodia. It dates back to the French colonization of Indochina in 1863. Colonists taught French to the local inhabitants
Indian French is the French spoken by Indians in past colonies of Pondicherry, Chandernagore, Karikal, Mahe and Yanam.

Different French dialects of the French language are spoken in many different nations and regions around the world, most commonly throughout Europe and the world. However, the differences in regional dialects may not make one French speaker nearly incomprehensible to another. In most cases, the different dialects don’t have a specific written form of the language, but there’s usually a certain amount of literature that accompanies each French dialect.

Interested in further study into French or confused on where to start? I recommend reading our French Beginners Guide or check out the Importance of Languages Store!

Feb 122012

Learn French Number System

French Number System – How to Write French Numbers

French number system is very easy to understand because it’s written exactly like English Numbers but are pronounced differently. Understanding how to write French numbers should take very little time and effort to learn. By the end of this article you should have a very solid understanding of the French number system.

French Numbers Examples

It’s actually pretty straight forward when it comes to learning how to use the French number system. Pronouncing French numbers on the other hands get a little bit tricky. French numbers 1 to 19 should be your primary focus when you begin. French numbers after gain a prefix added to the base number. To illustrate what I mean, here are French numbers 1 to 100.

French Numbers 1 to 100

French Numbers beginning at twenty and up gain the prefix “vingt” added to the base number. French numbers above twenty follow a pattern that goes “prefix + – + cardinal number”. Example of how to write the pronunciation of French numbers below.

French Numbers Pronunciation

Understanding how to write French numbers is really that simple to learn. Only takes an hour or two to fully memorizes the French number system.

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Interested in further study into French or confused on where to start? I recommend reading our French Beginners Guide or check out the Importance of Languages Store!

Feb 122012

Common French Phrases

Common French Phrases to help you around French Speaking Countries

If you ever play to visit a country where the primary spoken language is French, then knowing and being able to use common French phrases. Even though English is gradually becoming the most used language in international business in some situations. Speaking the language of the locals and talking to the people. It shows respect and an effort to their culture with just knowing a few common French phrases.

In any language you should be able to greet people and introduce yourself or simply ask for help or directions. French greeting and phrases to start or end conversations. Being able to introduce yourself in French. Being able to say your “Sorry” or ask politely for someone to repeat themselves. Common French words and phrases like saying “yes’ and “no”

Most of the sentences below can be used for travel and daily life conversations. So they might come handy if you memorizes and practice then. The following is a list of common French phrases that you may need to know in the French language:

Common French Phrases: French Greetings and Phrases
French Greetings and Phrases
Common French Phrases: How to Introduce Yourself in French
How to Introduce Yourself in French
Common French Phrases: Asking for Help or Directions in French
Asking for Help or Directions in French
Common French Phrases: Correcting a Misunderstanding in French
Correcting Misunderstanding in French
Common French Phrases: French Phrases
Common French Phrases

I hope you find this page of common French phrases useful in your travels. Memorizes them and try to incorporate them into your daily conversations.

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