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Apr 032012

French Vocabulary Lists

French Vocabulary Lists for Months, Animals, and More!

Your French vocabulary should begin with words you could use in your daily life and should be familiar with already. Below are some useful French vocabulary and expressions for French months of the year, French Numbers, French words for emotions and feelings, French words for Professions, French words for animals, and French words for seasons of the year.

French Vocabulary Lists for Months of the Year
French Vocabulary Lists for French Numbers
French Months of the Year
French Number Vocabulary
Better Understand how French Numbers Work

Learning French Vocabulary is very crucial because its structure is based in our daily interactions with other people. The more French Vocabulary you learn the closer you come to completely understanding the French language.

French Vocabulary Lists for Emotions/Feelings
French Vocabulary Lists for Professions
French Words for Emotions and Feelings
French Words for Professions

Try to memorize as much as you can, because they can improve your French vocabulary. I only included the commonly used French words. Other words can be used in place of the ones noted above depending on different circumstances. Developing a strong vocabulary is crucial before tackling the concept of French grammar rules.

French Vocabulary Lists for Animals
French Vocabulary Lists for Seasons of the Year
French Words for Animals
French Seasons of the Year

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