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Jul 302012
Romantic Korean Phrases

Romantic Korean Phrases – Surprise that Special Person in your Life

If you are one of the many people that want to start learning a second language because your significant other has a different native language. Helping ease the communication barrier between you and your partner or a sweet gesture to learn more about their heritage. This article focuses on romantic Korean phrases and terms of affection to help make your bond stronger.

Common Korean Romantic Phrases

This section contains common romantic Korean phrases like “I love you”.

Romantic Korean Phrases

Korean Compliments and Flirting

The first thing to note when complimenting anyone especially your significant other is to be sincere. Be genuine when you compliment someone, especially when using their native language. They’ll be flattered and appreciate the effort in trying to compliment them in their language.

Korean Compliments and Flirting

Korean Terms of Affection

We all have our terms of affection and nicknames for our significant others. This section contains the ones that are used the most.

Korean Terms of Affection

Now you know how to talk to the person you love.. Now for words for someone you don’t like as much! Korean Swear Words

Interested in further study into Korean or confused on where to start? I recommend reading our Korean Beginners Guide or check out the Importance of Languages Store



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