Japanese Grammar Introduction – Japanese Grammar Rules

Japanese Grammar Rules

Japanese Grammar Rules

The fun part of learning any language.. Grammar! The “rules” you must follow to properly speak a language. But don’t worry about how hard learning Japanese Grammar might feel at first. Learning Japanese grammar rules is one of the most effective ways to speed up your ability to speak a language. Keep in mind this is just a basic introduction into understanding how Japanese grammar works.
Japanese Grammar Rules: Sentence Structure
• Japanese Sentence Structure is usually puts the Object of the Sentence ahead of the Verb/Adjective.

Japanese Sentence Structure
Japanese Grammar Rules: Nouns and Pronouns
• Japanese Nouns don’t have a masculine or feminine form to remember.
• The Use of Pronouns in Japanese is very limited or almost non-exist
• Japanese uses more particles and verbs to deal with the loss of pronouns.

Japanese Nouns Japanese Pronouns
Japanese Grammar Rules: Verbs
• The Japanese have two tenses: The simple present and the simple past.
• Verbs in Japanese grammar also do not change with number, gender or person
• Verbs are the essence of Japanese Sentences. Using more verbs then any other language.

Japanese Verbs
Japanese Grammar Rules: Adjectives
• There are two types of Japanese Adjectives. They are “-i adjectives” and “-na adjectives”
• “-i adjectives” are original Japanese words while -na adjectives are burrowed from other languages.
• “-i adjectives” tend to blur the line between adjectives and verbs
• “-na adjectives” modifies nouns but not predicates.

Japanese Adjectives

Learning Japanese grammar rules can be considered the cornerstone of the language and will take some time to learn but creates a sturdy foundation to help you completely learn Japanese in no time. Take the time to let these points soak in, then build on them as you continue your Japanese studies. Good luck, and have fun learning Japanese.

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