Learn Arabic Alphabet – Learn Arabic Alphabet Letters


Learn Arabic Alphabet

Learn Arabic Alphabet – Learn Arabic Alphabet Letters

Arabic alphabet letters are written horizontally from right to left. Arabic numbers are written the opposite way, left to right. The Arabic alphabet contains twenty eight Arabic letters in which most of them are constants. Learn Arabic Alphabet has no capital or lower case letters but does however changes it’s form slightly depending on the position of the letter in the word. Vowel diacritics and other symbols mark if Arabic vowels are either long or short or pronounced differently.

Arabic Vowel Diacritics

Learn Arabic Alphabet is written like cursive writing where the Arabic letters are linked together. As mentioned above each Arabic Alphabet letter has four forms depending on where it is located within the word. Theses four forms are called: Isolated, Initial, Medial, and Final. Refer to the chart below for further explanation of what each one means and what each letter looks like when in that form. Six Arabic alphabet letters (a(أ‎)‎ d(د‎) d(ذ‎) z(ز‎) r(ر) w(و‎)) only have two forms.(Isolated and Final). Example Arabic word below to demonstrate this.

Learn Arabic Alphabet

In the example “Marhaba” or Hello in Arabic. Since the Arabic letters for “a” and “r” have no medial forms causes the “r” to be in it’s final form causing the break in the word. So don’t stress out if there is a break within the word your trying to pronounce. Complete chart to Learn Arabic Alphabet letter when written in each of the four forms.

Arabic Alphabet Written Forms

Learn Arabic Alphabet is very important when it comes to learning to write and read the Arabic Language. So make sure to practice pronouncing and writing the Arabic Alphabet whenever you can. As many times as you can.

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