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Free Farsi/Persian Language Courses

  • Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation – Web
    • Offers 50 lessons via podcast, each running about 15-20 minutes, which will help students learn conversational Persian for free. Each lesson builds on previous lessons, so to get the most out of the course, start from the beginning. The site also offers affordable premium learning materials.
  • Easy Persian – Web
    • Easy Persian offers online lessons in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Persian or Farsi as spoken in Iran. In addition to Persian language lessons, the site introduces contemporary Iranian poets with English translations of their poems. You’ll also find free Farsi/Persian software, Persian names with English translations, Farsi writing drills and much more.
  • Learn Persian Farsi Easily, Effectively and Fluently – Spotify
    • A 3-hour series of lessons that’s freely available on Spotify.

  • Persian of Iran Today – Web Site
    • This two volume textbook interweaves grammar- and vocabulary-building exercises with narrative elements in order to engage and develop students’ abilities in Persian. The web site includes the textbook itself and related audio/visual files. Persian of Iran Today is published by The University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies Publications program.
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