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Free Korean Language Courses

  • Foreign Service Institute Basic Korean – Web Site
    • Includes the original and updated courses, each with textbooks (PDF) and audio lessons (MP3).
  • Foreign Service Institute Korean Headstart – Web site
    • Textbook, cultural notes, and eight units of audio lessons (MP3).
  • KoreanClass101 – iTunes Free
    • Features daily audio lessons, video lessons, word of the day, etc.
  • Korean Language Adventure – Web Site
    • These lessons have been developed in the theme of travel and adventure, allowing learners to take a virtual journey to Seoul and its nearby popular tourist destinations.
  • Korean Learning for Correction Pronunciation – Web Site
  • Online Intermediate College Korean – Web Site
    • A web-based online courseware based on Intermediate College Korean (University of California Press, 2002).
  • Pathway to Korean: Beginning Spoken Korean from Zero – Web Site
    • Created by the National East Asian Languages Resource Center at The Ohio State University. When you get to the website, look for the “Units” in the top navigation bar.
  • Talk to Me in KoreanWeb Site
    • Korean learning made simple and easy. Quite possibly the most thorough, frequent, slick, and entertaining language-instruction podcast of any kind.
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