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Learn Italian Language Guide

Italian is truly an amazing language to learn. Italian is a Romance language spoken by over 80 million people in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, the Vatican City, Malta and Eritrea. There are also many Italian speakers in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK.

Why Learn Italian?

Like many languages in Europe, Italian is a romance language that has the most characteristics in common with Latin. Most native speakers of Italian are bilingual of both standardized Italian and their regional dialect.

Reasons to learn Italian include visiting an Italian country, your significant other speaks Italian, to increase job viability or one of the others listed below.

Italian Food, art, and Fashion: Many people around the world say Italian food is one of the most attractive and tasteful cooking in the world. Milan is the fashion capital of the world so if you like the fashion, supermodels, and world-class designers. If you are a fan of the opera and want to understand your favorite opera singers when they belt out those really high notes.

Understand the Cultural Importance of Italian: Maybe you fell in love with the rolling hills of Tuscany on your first visit to il bel paese—or maybe you fell in love with an Italian! Maybe your grandparents emigrated from Italy, so you want to investigate your family history. Perhaps you’re an aspiring musician who wants to learn what adagio, allegro, and andante mean or an opera singer who wants to improve her pronunciation.

Italian is truly an amazing language to learn. I hope you find this article helpful in narrowing and strengthening your reasons to learn Italian

This guide was written for Italian Beginners that don’t know where to start learning the Italian language.

Italian is spoken by Eighty Million people over in Italy and other countries in Europe.

Learn Italian
Learn Italian

Learning Italian Menu

Countries where Italian is spoken:

  • Italy
  • Malta
  • San Marino
  • Parts of Switzerland
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • France.
  • Vatican City

Italian Language Interesting Facts

The longest word contains 29 letters.

The longest word in Italian is the 29-letter esofagodermatodigiunoplastica. Refers to a reconstructive surgery related to the removal of the stomach.

The official language of classical music is Italian

Classical invented in Italy during the Renaissance, and thus became the standard language used in classical music.

Italian didn’t become a single, official language until 1861.

Learn Italian Alphabet Letters

The Italian alphabet contains 21 letters of the English Alphabet. The letters j, k, w, x, and y are missing from the Italian alphabet but they do however appear in words burrowed from other languages.

The following letters do appear in Italian. They are used mainly in foreign words borrowed from other languages and their pronunciation is based on the word they appear in.

Italian alphabet
Italian alphabet

The Italian alphabet uses two diacritical accent marks primarily used on vowels. An incorrect or missing accent mark is a spelling mistake just as an incorrect or missing letter would be.

The Acute Accent can only be included on the vowels e, or o when they end words.

The Grave Accent can be included on all vowels that end words.


Italian Numbers

Italian Numbers are like English but with the different pronunciation.

speak Italian numbers
how to speak Italian numbers?

Italian vocabulary numbers 1-10

Italian vocabulary numbers 1-10
Italian vocabulary numbers 1-10

Italian Numbers 1-100

Italian numbers
Italian Numbers 1- 100

Map of the key Italian Language Dialects

Within any language or language group, there may be significant changes in speech, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The term used to describe these changes is called a dialect. Some words or phrases that exist in one dialect may exist or be absent from a different dialect.

Map of the key Italian Language Dialects
Map of the key Italian Language Dialects

Italian Vocabulary

Logical next step for Italian Beginners after learning the Italian Alphabet would be to start developing your Italian vocabulary with Italian words and phrases.

Italian Grammar

The Italian grammar rules you must follow and understand to properly speak the Italian language.

Basic Italian Vocabulary Words
Pleaseper favore
Thank YouGrazie
Excuse Memi scusi

Italian Grammar Rules

The fun part of learning any language. Grammar!

The “rules” you must follow to properly speak a language. But don’t worry about how hard learning Italian Grammar might feel at first. Learning Italian grammar rules is one of the most effective ways to speed up your ability to speak the Italian language.

Italian Grammar Rules: Sentence Structure

• The basic sentence structure of Italian is subject-verb-object. Just like English.

Italian Sentence Structure
Italian Sentence Structure

Italian Grammar Rules: Nouns and Pronouns

• Italian Nouns can be either Masculine or Feminine
• Most Italian end in a vowel sound, those that don’t are usually of foreign origins.
• Nouns that end in “-ore” are usually Masculine while nouns that end in “-ione” are Feminine.

Italian Masculine Feminie Examples
Italian Masculine Feminine Examples

Italian Grammar Rules: Verbs

• Italian Verbs usually have a “Mood” attached to them to indicate the speaker or writers feeling to the action being described.
• There are 4 moods in Italian: Indicative, Subjunctive, Conditional, and Imperative. Three more moods exist in Italian that doesn’t indicate the speaker. Theses are Infinitive, Participle, and Gerund.
• Each mood can be divided into one or more tenses.(Past, Present, Future)

Italian Grammar Rules: Adjectives

• Most Italian Adjectives are either plural or singular depending on the ending
• Singular Adjectives can be either Masculine or Feminine and usually end in “-e”
• Plural Adjectives usually end in “-i”. In the case of a word ends in “-io” the “o” is dropped from the word to form the plural.

Most Italian end in a vowel sound, those that don’t are usually of foreign origins. Italian has several “moods” for its verbs that indicate the speaker’s feelings towards the action being done as well as what “tense” or time it’s being done. Italian Adjectives can have a gender as well depending if they are singular or plural.

Italian Adjective Examples
Italian Adjective Examples

Learning Italian grammar rules can be considered the cornerstone of the language and will take some time to learn but creates a sturdy foundation to help you completely learn Italian in no time. Take the time to let these points soak in, then build on them as you continue your Italian studies. Good luck, and have fun learning Italian

Common Italian Phases

Italian Greetings
Hi! / Hello Ciaol
Good Morning!Buona Mattina
Good Evening!Buona Sera
Good ByelArnvederci
How are you?Come sta?
I’m Fine. Thanks!Sto bene. grazle.
And you? E voi?
Common Italian Phases
Common Italian Phases

Common Italian Words

Italian Vocabulary  for Family Members
Family famiglia
Father padre
Mother madre
Grandfather nonno
Grandmother nonna
Grandson nipote
Granddaughter nipote
Grandparents Nonni
Grandchi ldren Nipoti
Brother fratello
5ister sorella
5on figlio
baughter figlia
Uncle zio
Aunt zia
Nephew nipote
Niece nipote
Italian Words for Family
Italian Words for Family

Italian Words for Professions
Italian Words for Professions

Italian Vocabulary for Months/Year  
January gennaio
February febbraio
March marzo
April aprile
May maggio
June giugno
July luglio
August agosto
September settembre
October ottobre
November novembre
December dicembre
Italian Words for Months Years
Italian Words for Months Years

Italian Vocabulary for Emotions/Feelings
Love amore
Worried preoccupato
Angry arrabbiato
Sad triste
Embarassed Imbarazzato
Afraid impaurito
Kind tipo
Happy felice
Impolite scortese
Painful delicato
Bored annoiato
Tired stanco
Sensitive doloroso
Beautiful bello
bel ighted ammirato
Amazed stupito
Hate odio
Italian Words for Emotions
Italian Words for Emotions

Italian Vocabulary for days/Week
Sunday domenica
Monday Lunedi
Tuesday martedì
Wednesday mercoledì
Thursday Giovedi
Friday venerdì
Saturday sabato
Italian Words for Days / Week
Italian Words for Days / Week

Italian Vocabulary for Colors
Black nero
White bianco
Yellow giallo
Orango arandone
Blue blu
Brown marrone
Green verde
Purple porpora
Violet viola
Red rosso
Gray grigio
Italian Words for Colors
Italian Words for Colors

Italian Vocabulary for Animals
bog cane
Cat gatto
Fish pesce
Bird uccello
Pig maiale
Cow mucca
Monkey scimmia
beer cervo
Italian Words for Animals
Italian Words for Animals

Italian Vocabulary for Seasons/Year
Spring primavera
Summer estate
Autumn autunno
Winter inverno
Italian Words for Seasons Year
Italian Words for Seasons Year

Italian Vocabulary  Words for Anatomy
Head testa
Heart cuore
Brain cervello
Lungs polmoni
Hands braccia
Legs Gambe
Arms stemma
Chest petto
Fingers dita
Toes Toes
Eyes Occhi
Italian Words for Anatomy
Italian Words for Anatomy

Italian Vocabulary for Times/day
Today oggi
Tomorrow domani
Yesterday ieri
Tonight stasera
Morning mattina
Afternoon pomeriggio
Italian Words for Times Days
Italian Words for Times Days

Italian Vocabulary Words for Countries
China porcellana
France Francia
Italy Italia
North Korea Corea del Nord
South Korea Corea del Sud
United States Stati Uniti
Britain Gran Bretagna
Russia Russia
Japan Giappone
Canada Canada
Iraq Iraq
Egypt Egitto
Germany Germania
India India
Spain Spagna
Mexico Messico
Italian Words for Countries
Italian Words for Countries

Italian Vocabulary Words for Continents
Africa l’Africa
Antarctica Antartide
Asia Asia
Australia l’Australia
Eurasia Eurasia
Europe Europa
North America America del Nord
South America Sudamerica
Italian Words for Continents
Italian Words for Continents

ItalianVocabulary Words for Homes/Rooms
Home casa
House casa
Apartinent   appartamento
Dining Room sala da pranzo
Bedroom camera da letto
Bathroom bagno
Basement seminterrato
Living Room stanza
Attic Attico
Kitchen cucina
Italian Words for Homes & Rooms
Italian Words for Homes & Rooms

Italian Vocabulary Words for Vehicles
Car auto
Truck camion
Plane piano
Boat barca
Van furgone
Italian Words for Vehicles
Italian Words for Vehicles

Italian Words for Meal Foods
Italian Words for Meal Foods
Italian Vocabulary for Mealtimes/Food 
Breakfast prima colazione
Lunch pranzo
dinner cena
Coffee caffè
Fish pesce
Milk latte
Onion cipolla
5alad insalata
Beverage bevanda
Cake torta
5ausage salsiccia
Cheese formaggio

Italian Vocabulary for Professions 
Doctor medico
Lawyer avvocato
Dentist dentista
Writer scrittore
Banker banchiere
5ecretary segretario
Engineer ingegnere
Farmer agricoltore
Carpenter falegname
Architect architetto
Postman postino
Pilot pi lota
Teacher insegnante
Cook cucinare
Mechanic meccanico
Bartender barista
Italian Words for Professions
Italian Words for Professions

Italian Vocabulary Words for Weather
Rain pioggia
Snow neve
Fog nebbia
Cloudy nuvoloso
Sunshine luce del sole
Cold freddo
Warm caldo
Windy ventoso
Italian Words for Weather
Italian Words for Weather

Consider Using a Italian Language Learning Program

Language Software
Try Language Software

If you are really serious about learning Italian and want to maximize your time then you should consider using an Italian language course to further aid you in your quest to learn Italian. There are several great programs out there that deliver a great language learning experience. The advantages of a language learning program are the organization and having the next step already lined up. Most break down the lessons into 30-minute intervals that can fit into any type of schedule.

Flexible to retry a lesson to make sure you understand what you are learning and give you confidence in succeeding.

Examples of great Italian language programs can be found below.

 Image Name
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