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List of Best Online Language Learning Tools [2024]

Learning a new language doesn’t need to be a struggle. Powering through a textbook can prove next to impossible. You really can’t get a feel for the language; how to pronounce it, or even how to read it when compared to English, when relying on the written word alone. Fortunately, there are many other tools out there that are great for you.

That is exactly why you need to check out some of the best free online language tools available to you. These tools are going to give you a kick start before you commit to spending money on a structured language platform.

Best Online Lanaguage and Apps


This is a really fantastic online learning tool you can take advantage of. Duolingo has a nicely designed website and provides free web apps for language learning. The languages are limited to around 20 (ranging from German to Turkish), but as long as you want one of the more common Germanic or Romantic languages, you should find exactly what you want. You won’t find any Asian based languages here as there are not as many similar words that cross over from English to Japanese, Mandarin or Thai, so you’ll need to go elsewhere for a different language.

It is an easy way to start up with learning though. There is a walkthrough that shows you the fun program for learning new languages. Best of all, there are no ads running through the software, so you don’t need to constantly click out of the ads in order to reach the language tutorials you want or need.


  • OptiLingoApp
    OptiLingo is a language learning program designed from strategies its founder, Jonty Yamisha, used to save his native language Circassian from extinction. It uses guided immersion and spaced repetition systems to get you speaking, not typing, your new language fast. In just 20 minutes a day, you’ll uncover useful phrases that help you talk to native speakers confidently. Avoid endless memorization and boring grammar lessons, and start speaking in your next foreign language with OptiLingo.

Open Culture

This is like an open forum type language learning tool. It is nice for getting started or for completely immersing yourself within a specific language, as there are all sorts of different courses and media available to you. With almost 50 different languages to choose from, you do have more selections as well. The languages are going to range from Bulgarian and Cambodian to Dutch and Persian.

The Open Culture program provides you with a nice iTunes service that also gives you podcast so you can download the content and listen to it as you go. This way, there is always something for you to listen to and to try and help you become fully engulfed with the language. This way, you can learn without logging directly onto your computer. It makes it great for playing in the car or while commuting to work or from school, so you don’t need to let this time go by without taking advantage of it. You need to travel for work or school, so you might as well take advantage of this time and basically kill two birds with one stone.

Live Mocha

This service helps educate you and also connects you with other individuals who are looking to learn the language as well. This has a wide selection of available languages for you to learn from as well. It is also going to provide you with different variations on languages, as there are different kinds of language forms, based on where you are at in the world. For example, you can learn Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal Portuguese. This way, if you are planning to visit a particular location in the world, you can practice the exact kind of dialect that they use.

There are also many Asian based languages on Live Mocha, which is very nice. So, whether you want to learn Japanese, Hinder even Indonesian, there is the chance for you to do just this with the help of the online programming which also provides you with a solid application and programming that you can download to your mobile device or tablet. After all, you are a busy individual and you don’t always have time to just sit around and work on a language program. Instead, you can actually take advantage of any downtime you might have and listen to programming, podcasts and audio books, all of which are designed to help you learn a new language.

If you want to learn a new language it doesn’t mean you have to invest money right off the bat. Instead, start with some of the free online language tools until you build momentum. Then once you’re ready to commit to a structured program, check out our reviews to see which one is best for your needs.

Here, I provide honest language software reviews of the top brands in the industry today. There are many pros and cons to consider when choosing a platform, and I discuss these details in depth within the individual reviews. But for your quick reference, I present this easy to use chart:

Language Software Reviews:  Top 5 Platforms

Provider Pros & Cons Cost
1) Rocket Languages ++Best Interface ++Money Back Guarantee +Excellent Content +Good Price Average
2) Transparent Languages  ++Lots of Variety +Good Tech Support +Fair Price -A bit boring Average
3) Primsleur  +Established Company +Good Interface -A bit costly -Mostly Audio Above Average
4) Rosetta Stone  +Established Company +Language Exchange -Expensive -Outdated Platform Expensive
5) Babbel  +Plenty of Material -Awkward Interface -Poor Customer Support -Overpriced Above Average
 Image Name
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