Importance of German Language


Importance of German Language – Why it’s Important to Learn German

Importance of German

The importance of German language is known by an estimated one-hundred forty million across Europe and around the world. German is tied with French as the most learned second language in the European Union. The importance of German as played a crucial role for centuries in Europe and on the world stage.

A good amount of the original immigrants to America were German and with them brought many customs and traditions with them to America. Cultural mainstays such as kindergarten, the Christmas tree, hotdogs/hamburgers/ketchup, and founded many breweries as well as Levi jeans and Hershey’s chocolate were introduced by German immigrants to America. It is estimated that One out of every four Americans nationwide has German heritage.

From Gutenberg’s printing press to Hertz’ discovery of electromagnetic waves, from Ehrlich’s development of chemotherapy to Einstein’s theory of relativity, to Brandenburg’s creation of the MP3 digital music format, throughout history Germans have proven themselves time and again to be great innovators.

In addition to the very wealthy cultural heritage of the German themselves add to the importance of German language. With art and architecture spanning centuries ranging from the middle ages to modern times. It’s a shame that Germany receive little tourism though from the Lakes of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to the beautiful Bavarian Alps to the beautiful Swiss cities of Bern and Zurich only add and highlight the pure beauty to the landscape of Germany with plenty of theaters, choirs, and Orchestras to go to.

The importance of German language in the European union as the most crucial language to possess in enterprise cause it bridges the particular divide involving the established and emerging financial systems of Central and Eastern Europe. As a result knowing German as a possible American entrepreneur is highly valued in parts of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, the Ukraine, the Baltic states and the Czech Republic is a great asset to have. German speakers form the biggest group of potential business partners in the European Union, forming around one third of the population.

Being in a position to speak the actual language of the target group can be a major factor of influence in successful advertising cause the majority of customers anticipate the service or product to end up being presented within their own language. Germany and the German language have a wealth of musical talent, literature, architecture and even Scientific and technological advancements. The demand for German-speakers is highly sough after within the fields associated with biology, chemistry, pharmacy, engineering, and many other areas of training.

German being a west Germanic language as ties to English and Dutch languages and presents some degree of difficult for English speakers due to it’s different vocabulary, three word genders, case system and rigid syntax. Although it is quite easy to articulate words however their really are a few difficult ones to understand. The three genders (Masculine, Neuter or Feminine) is the most demanding part of learning German cause you can’t really predict which gender the word requires. Potentially forgetting them altogether however sad that might be, it usually isn’t an option since sentence structure and vocabulary of the phase depends on the gender.

All languages change over time and German is no different. To indisputably understand the importance of German language you need to learn the language yourself so you can receive the full benefit of this amazing language. In fact, latest research as shown that learning a second language helps fight against Alzheimer’s disease and slows down the aging effects of the brain. Talk about the Importance of language in action!

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