Learn German Alphabet – Learn German Alphabet Letters

Learn German Alphabet

Learn German Alphabet – Learn German Alphabet Letters

Learn German alphabet is part of Germanic language that’s origins trace back to early 700s. German contains the twenty six letters of the English alphabet and adds the extra letters ä, ö, ü and ß. All German letter have upper and lowercase version except for ß. The letter ß will never be at the start of a word. German is sometime viewed by non-native German speakers as a harsh sounding language. The German language is a more consistent phonetically language than English.

Learn German Alphabet Pronunciation
Some German Letters are pronounce way different then their English counterparts. For example, the German W sounds like English V, and German V sounds like the English F. Most of the time the S in German sounds like Z in English when placed at the beginning of a word followed by a vowel. Learn German Alphabet letters g, ch, and r are pronounce mostly in the back of the throat. The pronunciation of some of these German letters do not have an English counterpart (Like “ü” for example”).

Learn German Alphabet Diphthongs and Grouped Consonants
Diphthongs are combinations of two vowels(and only vowels) that are combined and sounded together. Consonants can be grouped together this way as well. Instead of each letter being pronounced separately, the two letters have combined pronunciation and sound. Example of German Alphabet Diphthongs and Group Consonants below.

German Diphthongs and Grouped Consonants

To do the extra German letters without using German keyboard. Alt code can be used. Alt code is when you press then hold down the Alt key on your keyboard then type in numbers on your num pad then release the alt key.

Useful German Alt Codes

The German Alphabet plays a very important role in learning German, especially when it comes to pronunciation. So make sure to practice pronouncing the German Alphabet multiple times often. Whenever you can.

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