March 11, 2019

Common German Language Mistakes (4 Mistakes)

If you’ve ever studied a second language in the past, you know the drill about mistakes: they’re simply unavoidable. Instead of spending your time trying to steer clear of them, it’s usually better to just assume you’ll make mistakes and prepare yourself to deal with them. It’s just the way […]
March 1, 2019
Free German Language Courses

Free German Language Courses

Learning German Language with the Best German Language courses. Learn the basics of the German Language with the Best German language courses
January 29, 2019
German words for Continents

Learn Common German Language Words – German Language Words

Learn German Words and Expressions for Continents, Weather, Anatomy, Home/Rooms, Vehicles, and Countries from around the world. Learn German Words
January 29, 2019
German words for Swear Words

Learn German Swear Words! – List of German Language Swear Words

Remember there are a place for using German Swear Words. So only use these German Swear words when it’s appropriate. German Swear Words List
January 28, 2019
German Numbers 1 to 100

Learn German Numbers System – Numbers in German Language

You should understand German numbers system. Use German numbers 1 to 10 table, German numbers 1 to 20, German numbers 1 to 100. Learn Numbers in German
January 28, 2019
Examples of German Verbs

Learn Basics of German Grammar – German Language Grammar Guide

Learn basics of german grammar. Learn German grammar rules for German sentence structure, German nouns and pronouns, verbs, and adjectives.
January 28, 2019
German Dialets Map

Different German Dialects List and Map

A standard German dialect doesn't exist because most German dialects are generally understood by most German Speakers. List of German dialect and map
January 28, 2019
German Alphabet Table

Learn German Alphabet – German Language Alphabet Letters & Chart

Learn German alphabet contains the 30 letters. 26 from the English Alphabet plus the Extra letters ä, ö, ü and ß. Learn German Alphabet
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