March 12, 2019

6 Myths About Language Software [2020]

Myth 1: Software-based lessons aren’t as good as classroom ones. A decade ago, I may have agreed vehemently with this.  Since a couple years ago, though, I have to disagree.  The evolution of language training software is among the most impressive I’ve seen for any type of educational software.  I’ve […]
March 12, 2019

Using Language Tools On Your Browser

Extensions, plug-ins and apps have become a standard feature when it comes to internet browsers. And they have become valuable features, too, with the added functionalities extending the browser’s usefulness well past just being a tool to monitor your favorite blog, read Facebook updates or watch YouTube videos. If you’re […]
March 12, 2019

What To Look For When Buying A Language Software

When shopping for a language software, it’s important to get an accounting of the program’s available features. Learning Language Software Guide
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