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Rocket Languages Review [2024]

Rocket Languages is the latest in language learning software. Learning languages at home with computer software has been very popular, especially after the rise of such programs as Rosetta Stone. I choose Rocket Spanish by Mauricio Evlampieff.

What Is Rocket Language?

Rocket Languages is a new, simple way to learn an additional language. Once you’ve purchased the software, you have the choice between downloading it or purchasing a shipped version. I tried the download version because I didn’t need extra packaging floating around my computer.

The download version of Rocket Languages contains a 31-track audio course, 31 language and culture lessons, quizzes/tests to track your progress, software games, certificate tests and more. I tested the Spanish software, but the other languages also come with these things.

Purchasing the Rocket Languages software also lets you have access to the language learners’ online forum for your language. This lets you interact with different people who are all trying to learn the same language you are.

Using the language forum was a huge help for me when I was studying Spanish because I had other people who supported me. If I needed tips or tricks to learn the language, I was always able to find them on the forum.

Overall, you get a lot when you purchase this software. Rocket Languages is there to guide you through the whole process of learning a new language.

Does Age Matter In Learning A Language?

Being a middle-aged woman myself, I was worried that I was simply too old to learn a new language. I’d seen my children study and learn languages in school, but I thought I was simply too old to start learning a second language.

It turns out my ideas about language learning were wrong. I recently read an article that say learning a second language helps to prevent Alzheimer’s, and speaking multiple languages can actually be easier as an adult! With my confidence ready, I started my language learning program.

How Well Does Rocket Languages Work?

The software was intuitive and easy to use. By combining several different types of learning styles, I found myself picking up Spanish in weeks! After only a few days of using Rocket Languages in my spare time, I was able to have a conversation in Spanish. I was conversing fluently in Spanish three months later.

The focus of Rocket Languages is teaching you how to speak a language confidently like a native, and I think they succeeded. The software tracked my progress and showed me what my strengths and weaknesses were in learning a language. The audio lessons also helped my pronunciation. Rocket Languages also contains culture lessons. There isn’t a single area of language learning they forgot!

How well it works it probably best measured by my results.  After a month, I was ordering from Mexican restaurants in Spanish and asking the waiter about menu options. After two months, I was watching Spanish movies and able to follow everything that was going on. I was speaking fluently after only three months of using the Rocket Languages software! I can’t complain about how well it worked.

Is Rocket Languages worth The Cost?

The most important factor to me when choosing language software was cost. I didn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on college classes or expensive software. I needed results fast at a price I could afford.

Trying out the free language course let me sample Rocket Languages before I paid for the Rocket Languages Spanish software. Instead of jumping into their system without any knowledge of what to expect, I had a clear understanding of how their system worked and if it would be effective to me.

In addition to the Rocket Languages software, you also get lifetime updates, audio lessons you can download, 24/7 support and more. I was relieved to know I didn’t have to worry about my software becoming obsolete with a month of my purchase!

Most importantly, doing those Rocket Languages Spanish verbs activities enabled me to learn the language quickly and find a new job. Instead of worrying about my next paycheck or when my unemployment will run out, I found the best job of my life. I now use my Spanish on a daily basis when dealing with customers.

If you aren’t happy with the results of Rocket Languages, you can get a simple refund within 60 days. I thought I would try the software and return it if it didn’t work, but fortunately I had the success I hoped for and kept the program.

Rocket Languages Conclusion

If you are considering learning a language at home using computer software, look no further than Rocket Languages. Whether you use Rocket Languages Spanish (like I did), Rocket Languages Japanese or even Rocket Languages ASL, you’ll be speaking your new language within weeks. When you consider cost, results and time, there isn’t really a choice between Rocket Languages or Rosetta Stone: Rocket Languages is the better deal.

Hopefully my Rocket Languages review has shown you anyone can learn a new language at any age. Now go out and learn that language you’ve always wanted to learn!

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