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Chinese Numbers System – How to Write Chinese Numbers Guide

Chinese Numbers Guide

Understanding how to write Chinese numbers should take very little time and effort to learn. Chinese numbers are written from Left to Right like English numbers. Although the Chinese symbol for zero appears above, it’s only used when it comes to money.

You write the base Chinese Number then what I call a “multiplier” if the number is above ten. Here are a couple of examples to demonstrate what I mean.


It’s actually pretty straightforward when it comes to learning how to use the Chinese number system. Pronouncing Chinese straightforward easier. Because they follow the exact same pattern in the above example.

Chinese Numbers 1 to 100 Table

To illustrate what I mean, here are Chinese numbers 1 to 100.

Chinese numbers 1 to 100
Chinese numbers 1 to 100

You really just need to memorize how to pronounce the base Chinese Numbers then you can easily pronounce any Chinese number.

I personally choose to remember that Chinese numbers follow a “number-position” type pattern. Example of what I mean..

Chinese Numbers Pronunciations

Chinese Number Pronunciation

Understanding how to write Chinese numbers is really that easy to learn. Should only take you an hour or two to fully memorizes the Chinese number system.

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