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Easiest Language To Learn For Arabic Speakers?

What are the easiest languages to learn for arabic speakers? Arabic is the primary language in numerous countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Arabic is also the language of the Koran, so Muslims of all nationalities, such as Indonesians, recognize it. There are numerous Arabic dialects. However, there is one variation that is taught in schools and utilized by the media across the Arab world.


Spanish and Arabic are 2 of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. The previous language came from on the Iberian peninsula and is still spoken by more than 400 million individuals– mainly in the Western Hemisphere and on the Iberian Peninsula, but also in parts of North and West Africa and the Philippines. Arabic is spoken throughout the Middle East and North Africa and as the official language of Islam can be found throughout the world– from western China to Senegal.

What Language Is Easy To Learn For Arabic Speakers?

What language is easy to learn for arabic speakers? Most historians know these two languages share significant history. The Arabic-speaking Moors dominated and ruled the Iberian Peninsula, consisting of modern-day Spain and Portugal, for nearly eight centuries. Their control began in 711 and didn’t end until the fall of the Emirate of Granada in 1492 (the end of the “Reconquista”).
During those centuries, Arabic profoundly influenced the Spanish language, but many of us are unaware of the degree of that impact today.

Which Language Is Easy To Learn For Arabic Speakers?

Which language is easy to learn for arabic speakers? Most of the Spanish locations originated from Arabic are restricted to the central and southern regions of the country, agent of how the empire was not successful in conquering the entire peninsula. Nevertheless, the Arabic influence on the Spanish language extends past the names of contemporary cities and areas. Perhaps the simplest way to see this influence in Spanish is in the natural words spoken every day.

Is English Easy To Learn For Arabic Speakers?

Is english easy to learn for arabic speakers? Arabic is from the Semitic language household, for this reason, its grammar is very various from English. There is a tremendous potential for mistakes of interference when Arab students produce composed or spoken English. Arabic has a three consonant root as its basis. All words (parts of speech) are formed by combining the three root consonants with fixed vowel patterns and, often, an affix. Arab learners may be confused by the lack of patterns in English that would permit them to distinguish nouns from verbs or adjectives, and so on

The elision of noises that is so common in spoken English is problematic for Arab speakers, and they will frequently resist it. This hostility to elision and making use of glottal stops before preliminary vowels are the primary reasons for the average staccato quality of the spoken English of Arab students.

In conclusion, there are few English/Arabic cognates. This considerably increases a.) the troubles they have in understanding what they hear and check out, and b.) the effort they should make to get a strong English word shop.

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  1. im arabic and im 16 i learned english when i was like 10/11 learned to speak it then i i learned how to write and so on when i reached 13yo i mastered it about 70 percent and now its like 90 percent i have problem with science references and im currently learning dutch and spanish hope u have a good day thanks for ur article god bless u.

  2. Hi Sally

    I have just started “acquiring” English by listening to English content “videos , podcasts …” as much i can every day.
    In one month i noticed that i improving my language just by listening. i will start reading when i feel familiar with the language.
    if you have a list of easy languages to learn for Arabic speakers ,i want to see it
    thank’s for all

  3. I’m arabic and I learned english alongside my mother tongue growing up. Currently I am studying korean and chinese, korean is hard for but mandarin chinese is really easy since we also have tomes in arabic. Thats all I can say though.


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