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Easiest Language To Learn For French Speakers?

What are the easiest languages to learn for french speakers? French is really near other Romance languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and specifically Italian. If you know among these four languages, you can learn the other one in 6 months of extensive study.

All Romance languages share a very similar vocabulary stemmed from Latin and a similar conjugation system. There are lots of cosmetic distinctions in vocabulary and pronunciation. However, those words are almost equally intelligible.

Some people discourage discovering two languages together, particularly words that are closely associated such as Spanish and Portuguese, because they think that students will get too puzzled. That’s rather insulting to learners who are rather capable of finding out some languages at once, or utilizing one language to learn or improve their understanding of another. Possibly some people do puzzle certain comparable words, once an advanced level is reached, everything sorts itself out and people have the ability to speak numerous languages every day.

What Language Is Easy To Learn For French Speakers?

What language is easy to learn for french speakers? In the beginning glimpse, Italian appears a million times simpler than French, specifically concerning pronunciation. There are only seven vowels and every word is pronounced how it is spelled. Compared to the 15 or two vowels in French, plus the nasals and various silent letters, I remain in heaven. I do not need to wonder why worldwide a particular noun such as œuf ends in/ f/ however the plural œufs contains no consonant sounds at all because Italian pronunciation is not a vicious joke versus foreigners, unlike that of French. Italian does have some irregular plural forms, but they are still noticeable precisely as they are spelled. Uomo (male) becomes uomini (guys) in the plural however a minimum of -ini isn’t silent for no darn reason!

Which Language Is Easy To Learn For French Speakers?

Which language is easy to learn for french speakers? Portuguese has all the noises utilized in Spanish in addition to nasal vowels that are used in French. Portuguese and French (mainly the Portuguese spoken in some parts of Brazil) share many common noises. See an example:
FR: En Avant! PT: Avante! ES: Adelante!
The words ‘avant’ and ‘avante’ have nearly the same pronunciation and have in common the nasal vowel/ ã/. Portuguese has been affected by French far more than Spanish, which has been more independent. The R sounds of the Portuguese spoken in some parts of Brazil and Lisbon is nearly the same R’s used in French, which are voiced uvular fricative [ʁ]

Is English Easy To Learn For French Speakers?

Is english easy to learn for french speakers? French is an Indo-European language and part of the Romance household, in addition to Spanish and Italian. The English language was strongly influenced by the intro of French at the time of the Norman invasion of Britain in the 11th century. As a result, the two languages share many grammatical functions and contain numerous cognates.

A typical problem is the wrong choice of tense. In spite of the external similarities of verb grammar, there are frequent occasions when French uses a different tense to communicate a particular meaning than English.

In conclusion, language knowing is not a location with a clear path to follow; it is a journey that will lead you down many different courses. There are numerous courses to fluency but what they all share is that YOU are the one who has to walk down them. YOU are the one who sets your pace; YOU are the one who is responsible at the end of the day for failure or success.

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  1. I’ll love to learn and develop on my french but memorising this language is not really easy because I live where ,we speak mostly English and other vanicular languages.

  2. no offense but as a native speaker, i can assure u that no in french is “non”, and not “aucun”. Aucun means “none”, so please change this so people learning french dont think it means no. Also welcome is not “accueil”, but “bienvenue”. Please change these as they are wrong, you are teaching french learners words that are used for something else


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