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Easiest Language To Learn For Hindi Speakers?

Do you know what is the easiest language to learn for Hindi speakers?

Discovering a foreign language and getting soaked into a whole new culture and worldview is the surest way to end up being unbiased, comprehending particular, which is, I would say, absolutely valuable. Once you understand that we are all cultural beings, products of our environments, which you recognize the cultural base for your very own mindsets and behavior, you prepare to consider a 2nd language.


Regarding vocabulary, Hindi shares more in common with Punjabi than with Bengali or Marathi since the vocabulary of Hindi and Punjabi have been more affected by Persian and Arabic than the vocabulary of Marathi or Bengali.

The comparison of Hindi and Punjabi grammar exposes that it is no more or less comparable than Hindi and Marathi or Hindi and Bengali, numerous grammatical types are the same because all these (and more) languages are descended from Sanskrit.

Easiest Foreign Language To Learn For Hindi Speakers

What is the easiest foreign language to learn for hindi speakers? The phonology and pronunciation of both languages are nearly similar; it is necessary to note that Punjabi posses no sounds that are not also found in Hindi, making that more comparable. The one notable distinction is that Punjabi has lost its 4th row of consonants (gha, jha, ḍha, dha and bha), and has combined them with the very first row (ka, ca, ṭa, ta and pa).

One the other hand Marathi speakers typically pronounce the inherent vowel (chaotic a) as a long an (IPA əː) instead of the short an of Hindi speakers (IPA ə). Second of all, Marathi possesses the consonant ळ (IPA ɭ) that is not presents in Hindi. Marathi also has the sound combinations mʱ n̪ʱ ɳʱ ʋʱ lʱ and ɾʱ, which are not found in Hindi.

What Language Is Easy To Learn For Hindi Speakers?

What language is easy to learn for hindi speakers? There are ten vowel phonemes in Punjabi in contrast to the English twenty or so. Punjabi signs are usually as they are composed following the one indication- one noise guideline. They are vowels making only one noise. However, there are two forms that vowels can take. The independent vowel form which does not need a consonant and the reliant form which is connected to a consonant. All consonants use the dependent type of the vowel. The first table reveals the name and sound of the dependent vowels and 2nd table show their sound combined with the consonant ਸ.

Which Language Is Easy To Learn For Hindi Speakers?

Which language is easy to learn for hindi speakers? The Punjabi tone system is far less complicated than Chinese, the best-known tone language. The low tone is characterized by reducing the voice listed below the typical pitch then increasing back in the following syllable. In the high tone, the pitch of the voice rises above its typical level falling back at the following sign. The level tone is brought by the continuing to be words. Tones are not represented by any letters or symbols in the Gurmukhi script.

Is English Easy To Learn For Hindi Speakers?

Is english easy to learn for hindi speakers? Despite continued pressure from nationalists, English continues to be at the heart of Indian society. It is commonly used in the media, in Higher Education and Government and therefore continues to be typical ways of communication, both among the ruling classes and between speakers of equally unintelligible languages. According to current studies, roughly 4% of the Indian population use English. The biggest English-speaking community outside the USA and the UK’.

In conclusion, it might not be a choice for everybody however Braun reminds us that “if you are serious about finding out the language and getting direct enjoyment from what you have found out, you have to go to where that language is spoken”.

Travel and living abroad can complement knowing in the class: “The books and verb charts might be the simplest method to ensure you expose yourself to the language at home. However, individuals and the culture will far outclass them once you get to the country where your language is spoken.”

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