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Learn Hindi Numbers – Numbers in Hindi Language Guide

Understanding how to write Hindi numbers should take very little time and effort to learn. When you write the numbers, again, they go from left to right, like English words and numbers, but opposite for the Hindi language.

It’s actually pretty straightforward when it comes to learning how to use the Hindi number system. Pronouncing Hindi numbers on the other hands get very tricky. Hindi numbers 1 to 10 should be your primary focus when you begin.

Hindi Numbers 1 to 10

Hindi Vocabulary Numbers
Hindi Vocabulary Numbers

Hindi Number 1 to 100

Hindi numbers after gain a suffix added to the base number. To illustrate what I mean, here are Hindi numbers 1 to 100

Hindi Numbers are very different from other number systems since they don’t follow a format that can be easily explained. They use partial suffixes added to words but language rules change the pronunciation of each number drastically in some cases. So I’ll expand on the above example of how to write the pronunciation for Hindi numbers 1-00 below.

Hindi Numbers 1 to 100

Understanding how to write Hindi numbers is really that simple to learn. Only takes an hour or two to fully memorizes the Hindi number system.

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  2. This is a wonderful resource. Thank you for making it.
    I’m studying Hindi and I use flashcards a lot.
    Is there any way to copy the words from your Hindi number jpgs?
    I want to put them in flashcards. Hindi number are hard to learn….and I use flashcards a lot.

    You might be interested to know that the Hindi word order in a sentence is very similar to Japanese which I speak fluently. This is such a happy coincidence!


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