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Learn about the Different French Dialects around the world


There are many different French Dialects spoken all over the world.

Although the differences are not that huge with the only differences being in pronunciation of words and vocabulary. Francien after centuries has replaced many of the regional dialect around France has the primary French Dialect. Other minor French dialect are found in other parts of Europe.

French Dialect Map

French Dialect Map
French Dialect Map

French Dialects List

European French Dialects

  • Francien is the official standard for modern day French and it replaced several regional dialects of French previously spoken in Northern and Central France. These dialects were formerly referred to as the so-called Langue d’Oïl.
  • Belgium French – Minor French dialect found in Belgium.
  • Italian French – Minor French dialect found in Italy
  • Luxembourg French – Minor French dialect found in Luxembourg
  • Switzerland French – Minor French dialect found in Switzerland
  • The Channel Islands – Minor French Dialect found in the Channel Islands.

Canadian French Dialects

  • Quebec French – The standard French dialect spoken in Canada.
  • Acadian French – Dialect originally brought over by the French.
  • Newfoundland French – A minor dialect of Canadian French that is disappearing.
  • Métis French

United States French Dialects

Cajun French – Dialect of French spoken in the United State of Louisiana

African French Dialects

There are more than 20 French-speaking countries in Africa. As of 2006 it was estimated that there were 115 million French speakers in Africa using French either as a first or second language

  • The French dialect spoken by Africans in Western, Central, and East Africa
  • The French dialect spoken by the Arabs and Berbers in Northwest Africa
  • The French spoken by Creoles in the Indian Ocean (Réunion, Mauritius, and Seychelles)

Asian French Dialects

  • Vietnamese French is spoken in Vietnam
  • Cambodian French is the French of Cambodia. It dates back to the French colonization of Indochina in 1863. Colonists taught French to the local inhabitants
  • Indian French is the French spoken by Indians in past colonies of Pondicherry, Chandernagore, Karikal, Mahe and Yanam.

Different French dialects of the French language are spoken in many different nations and regions around the world, most commonly throughout Europe and the world. However, the differences in regional dialects may not make one French speaker nearly incomprehensible to another. In most cases, the different dialects don’t have a specific written form of the language, but there’s usually a certain amount of literature that accompanies each French dialect.

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