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Learn Korean Alphabet – Korean Language Alphabet Chart

Learning to read the Korean Alphabet should be the first stop for Korean beginners. Korean has personally my favourite alphabet to learn because of its unique structuring and style of writing.

Korean Alphabet has 35 characters overall with 10 vowels, 14 constants, and 11 Dipthongs (Complex vowels made up of regular vowels).

Learn Korean Written Alphabet is also known as Hangul alphabet or script and has origins that from Chinese. The Korean Alphabet contains ten main vowels, fourteen consonants, and eleven complex vowels(Known as Diphthongs). Until 1980, Korean was written from right to left but since then Hangul has changed direction to be written left to right. An interesting fact when you want to learn the Korean alphabet. The shapes of the consonants are based on the shape the mouth made when pronouncing the corresponding sound is made. Some consonants were created by adding extra lines to the original shapes.

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Korean Diphthongs Complex Korean Vowels

Korean letters are group together in blocks or boxes to form syllables. These syllables are formed with an initial consonant, then either one or two vowels to the right of the initial constant or below the initial consonant. The consonant “ng” is silent when placed in the initial position. Example of how Korean is written and how to read Korean below.

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