Pardon my Arabic! Learn Arabic Swear Words and Profanity


Arabic Swear Words

Pardon my Arabic! Learn Arabic Swear Words and Profanity

I was a little hesitant to write this article because some people might be offended and such.. but actually it was one of the most requested things I receive in my email. It comes as no surprise really, since I’m sure most most of us would admit that we always seek out the profanity when learning a new language.

Learning Arabic swear words for a variety of reasons. Most people tend to swear when they are stressed or angry. If you have a relative that knows a second language then get upset and start talking in their other language? People also tend to swear when they are hurt in some way. Studies have shown that swearing does have pain reducing element.

Arabic Swear Words

Remember there is a time and place for using theses Arabic Swear Words. So only use these Arabic Swear words when it’s appropriate.

Now you know words for someone you don’t like.. Now for words for someone you love! Romantic Arabic Phrases

Interested in further study into Arabic or confused on where to start? I recommend reading our Arabic Beginners Guide or check out my Language Store



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