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Arabic Number System – How Arabic Language Numbers Work?

Understanding how to write the Arabic number system takes very little time and effort to learn. By the end of this article you should have a very solid understanding of the Arabic number system. When you write Arabic numbers, they go from left to right, like English words and numbers, but opposite for the Arabic language. Here are some examples of how to write Arabic Numbers.

Arabic Numbers
Arabic Numbers

It’s actually pretty straight forward when it comes to learning how to use the Arabic number system. Pronouncing Arabic numbers on the other hands get a little bit tricky. Arabic numbers 1 to 10 should be your primary focus when you begin. Arabic numbers after gain a suffix added to the base number. To illustrate what I mean, here are Arabic numbers 1 to 100.

arabic numbers 1-100
arabic numbers 1-100

Arabic Numbers beginning at ten through nineteen gain the suffix “tashar” added to the base number. Arabic numbers from 13-19 work like this. However the number twenty adds wa- to the mix. So it goes base number + wa- + the appropriate suffix. Example of how to write the pronunciation of Arabic numbers below.

Arabic Numbers Pronunciation
Arabic Numbers Pronunciation

Understanding how to write Arabic numbers is really that simple to learn. Only takes an hour or two to fully memorizes the Arabic number system.


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  2. For a website called importance of languages, I’m surprised that half the numbers English phonetic spellings are incorrect.

    1 is iTHnan not Itnan
    Actually let me correct the mistakes below.

    3 is Thalatha (you forgot the H)

    4 is Arba’ah (you flipped the b and a)

    5 is Khamsa (you wrote hamsah which is a food)

    8 is Thamanya (you forgot H and added an L that doesn’t exist)

    10 is Ashara (you forgot the H)


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